Millennial Media have published a research study that claims that the average UK consumer believes that their time is worth £7.20 per minute to advertisers.

What a strange concept. Minimum wage in the UK is £6.50 per hour for those over 21 — but the average consumer believes that their time is more than 60x as valuable? In truth, the value of your time when sold by a TV advertiser is a factor of a thousand off that £7.20 per minute.

It seems pretty clear to me that there is a huge discrepancy in the "value" judgements around advertising. This might not be an issue right now — in the same way that what cattle think of the quality of their meat doesn't really affect the business of a butcher — but regulations around users' data is under scrutiny, and there is an ongoing frothy debate around ad-blocking technology in the industry at the moment (precipitated by the introduction of ad blocking on the next version of iOS.)