I guess I'm a reasonably typical nerd, into most of the sort of things that a 30-something year old nerd is into; technology and design, music, Star Wars, gaming. More or less in that order.

A bit of background

I clearly remember learning what the internet was a couple of months after leaving school, meaning that most of what I know that has been useful in my professional career I knew nothing at all about until after completing my secondary education. I quickly discovered a whole world of online communities and networks that was pretty obviously going to change the way I looked at the world, and how the world looked at itself.

I started learning how the web worked around 2000, when I started building my own website at a time when a 'blog' was more of a journal that happened to be on the internet than something that really lived online.

But it wasn't until I started working for a media agency in 2007 that it became 'professional', when I joined the Research team with a focus on 'digital media' (which, because of the way the industry was/is changing, is increasingly no kind of focus at all), with the idea that I would spend a year or so learning about the online advertising world. Before that, I was teaching myself web design and development, thinking that would be my future career path. Instead, I ended up learning a lot more about the world of media and research, which turned out to be much more interesting than I had expected.

My goal there is to understand how media and communications technology is changing people. I suppose my job is to understand what the important questions to ask about media behaviours and technologies are, and the best ways to ask them.

The thing that I think makes me different from most is that although my expertise sits on the technology side, my focus is on the 'people' side. (I think most researchers seem to work the other way around; coming from a research background and then getting involved in the technology side.)

Back in the real world…

I live just outside of Londond with my wife and 2 children (b. 2012 and 2009.) I play with software design and development, and the guitar – I don't think I do any of them terribly well, but well enough to have fun.

I still don't really know what I want to be when I grow up.