The Dark Side… the Jedi… they're real.

I think the most interesting thing about the Star Wars trailer is the idea of bringing back the "mythology" stuff. Not the "Heroes Journey" stuff- the idea that the Jedi are a forgotten myth.

Not only that, but the Han Solo reply to "there are stories about what happened" — the idea that the original Star Wars films are the same kind of stories and legends than the Jedi were in the original films (ie. the legends that the prequels revealed as something different to what we imagined…)

One of my favourite things about the original film is that idea that within the space of a generation, the Jedi could be forgotten. But that was a film where the Force was very much an invisible energy field - someone could see it at work in front of their eyes (like Han Solo in the training scene on the Falcon) and still not believe in it — before it turned into something much more physical in Empire Strikes Back.

I'd love it if we got through the sequels without any telekenesis…