Bill Drummond, on defacing a UKIP poster

And when people ask me about my own political leanings, I will usually sidestep the issue by quoting my good friend Zodiac Mindwarp: "I have a right wing, I have a left wing, I am an angel."
On the right I am for the independent shopkeeper, or the young startup with ambition and on the left I am for the teacher up against the looming Ofsted report or nurse struggling to do their best within the limits of the NHS. But mostly I'm for politics that are about ideas. Ideas that are fluid and evolving. What I'm against is politics based on tribalism, be that class, religion or nationalism. And I'm obviously against politics based on dynasty or personalities.
I'm Scottish. I will always want Scotland to beat England at any sport from tiddlywinks on up. But when it comes to Scottish nationalism in a political sense, I have problems. I have no idea if Scotland would be better off independent or not. But what I do know is that I want fewer borders in the world, not more. And I don't want politics that exploit or pander to my more romantic notions of Scotland. I don't want politics based on a notion of what we think our country once was and may be again. Following the same thinking, I have no idea if UK plc would be financially better off in or out of Europe.

I was trying to find something I remember reading by Bill Drummond on the vote for Scottish independance, but this was the closest thing I can find - which basically expresses the idea that stuck with me; "what I do know is that I want fewer borders in the world, not more."

When it comes to the "Brexit" referendum, I haven't yet found an idea that resonates more with me, and is more likely to shape my choice.