Reading a Buzzfeed post about superhero movies (actually, about what Ryan Reynolds thinks about women and superhero movies), I got to the bit about female characters in Deadpool, which was apparently something Buzzfeed asked Ryan Reynolds about in an interview earlier this month.

Apparently, he told Buzzfeed that featuring strong women in the movie was a "no brainer".

He also talked about how movies need to work harder to reflect the realities of society.

He also said that he was into the idea of having strong female roles in the film.


You'll note that, helpfully, having given us the three sentences explaining what Ryan said, along with a picture of him saying it, carrying the caption of his words, Buzzfeed then devoted a paragraph of text — actually, the only text in the article that isn't a level 2 header — to recapping exactly what it was that he said about women in Deadpool.

I think he's a fan.