Right now, two programmes that are getting some attention in my house are Bing Bunny (CBeebies kids programme) and Wolf Hall (historical dramatisation.)

The thing is, Mark Rylance is in both of them - he is the voice of Flop in Bing Bunny (who is a kind of cross between a guardian and a cuddly toy, in the kind of way that makes perfect sense when you have been subjected to a few years of sleepless nights and programmes like In The Night Garden and Waybulloo), and Oliver Cromwell in Wolf Hall.

I really wish that someone would do a Cassetteboy-type mashup of the two, and swap some of Cromwells speeches with Flop's gentle parenting.

Obviously, it would only be even vaguely amusing to a handful of people (unlike, say, overdubbing Darth Vader with James Earl Jones lines from other films), and most of them are probably like me and don't have the time to actually make that kind of video themselves.

In the meantime, if you happen to sit in that crossover Bing Bunny/Wolf Hall audience, you can make do in the meantime by just closing your eyes when Wolf Hall is on, and imagine the context where Flop might be saying Cromwell's lines to Bing. (Works best when he is swearing at someone for being an idiot.)