A Macbook Air, an 18 month toddler and a moments distraction meant that I came home to this today;


This video was helpful – at least, for letting me know that it was fixable, and giving me a vague idea of how to go about fixing it (especially the order to put the pieces together), but as it was for a Macbook Pro (which has slightly different keyboard parts to the Air) and a bit too fuzzy to get a good view of which way round the various pieces go, it only got me so far.

So, as I couldn't find a clearer video or any good photos, I figured I take some myself as I fixed it.

There are basically 3 parts to the key – two white plastic pieces that 'hinge' together in the middle, and the key itself.

Fixing the two white pieces wasn't hard – although that might be because I just happened to stick them the right way around (ie. luck, more than judgement.) But figuring out what goes which way round is the tricky part.

This is the way around it goes, if you are facing the keyboard.

The 'frame' piece has two small holes along the edge nearest to you, which clips into place with the keyboard (at the edge nearest to you) and forms a kind of hinge.

The 'inner' piece should swing down at the end furthest away from you, and clip into place in the keyboard.

Start with the 'frame'; the two small holes at the end hook into two (very) small hooks in the key socket.

With the bottom clipped in, its just a case of gently pushing the top of the inner piece with something small and blunt, so that it clips into place.


Then just push down the key onto the assembly and, with a few clicks, its back in place.

Good as new…

Good as new…