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Smartphone OS market share - Kantar Worldpanel data

On one hand, its useful to know how market share is changing for the different smartphone operating systems.

On the other though, its hard to draw any sort of meaning out of change in market share without knowing what the change in the market size is. I know that there are more smartphones than 12 months ago, and that Apple's share has declined. But does that mean that Apple is selling more phones? Or the same amount of phones in a growing market?


What makes a Smartphone smart?

What features make a smartphone "Smart"?

I suspect that most people's first answer would be 'internet'. Well, there are plenty of 'feature phones' (aka. Dumbphones) that can still pull up a page from the web or connect to email accounts. I think a phone can have a web browser and still not be a 'smartphone'.

3rd party applications? Well, I'm not sure if I would go with a definition that would rule out the original iPhone (and again, there are applications available for phones that I wouldn't call 'smart'.) But this feels a bit closer to a real point of differentiation.

But I think the important point is perhaps a little less obvious…


[Archive] Losing a Virtual Limb

One of my favourite older posts, about how technology is becoming increasingly integrated - not just into our lives, but into our 'selves'.