Bob Wootton on MediaTel;

Just as would-be record producers could create music in ProTools, Logic, Cakewalk, Cubase etc on their home PCs or laptops, so budding video producers now work in software like Adobe Premiere. And boy can they create.
London creative agencies and West End production and post-companies find themselves facing change on an unprecedented scale because the great ideas they specialise in - and they can be great - have been paid for through massive production costs.
But as I've said, there's a sea change afoot. How will these ideas be funded as the production costs that once funded them collapse?

The music industry has been pushing the story for quite a while about how the cost of a CD is more than just putting some music on a disc and shipping it out to the shops.

Its an interesting view that something similar is happening in the world of video — the cost of the ideas have been buried in the costs of the technology.

So what happens when the cost of the technology drops to near-negligible numbers? When the high-definition cameras are built into your phone, and the video editing software comes free with your laptop? Sure, the aspiring, hungry young enthusiasts can put together some incredible work — but what happens if there isn't an industry there to support them and help them match their skills and hobbies with paying clients to turn them into careers and a regular income?