"The Backstroke of the West"

This is a little old, but it never, ever fails to make me laugh out loud. (As in, actually laughing out loud, in the way that you can only really do if other people are around. (Especially other people who don't know what you are laughing at.)

(If you have the time, you can also watch the whole thing on YouTube.)

"The thing that killed HMV…"

The thing that killed HMV was the fact the 'new' players just kept improving their businesses - investing in new features and perfecting the way their sites work.

Because, HMV went under because of Amazon and iTunes. Because… you know. Digital, mobile, the shiny future is here today, while the old school is already a thing of the past.

Two data points that don't fit with the narrative are that digital music is still less than half of all music sales, and the majority of DVDs and CDs are now sold by supermarkets. So lets just disregard them and blame Spotify.


Shaky Pete's ginger brew recipe - Channel4 - 4Food

After trying one of these at the Hawksmoor (seven dials) last year, getting the Hawksmoor book (which is where i got the recipe from) for Christmas, and a bunch of ingredients as a Valentine present from my wife, i made some of these this weekend.

Highly recommended…